This list contains proposed white-box defenses to adversarial examples that have been open-sourced, along with third-party analyses / security evaluations that have been open-sourced.

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Defense Dataset Threat Model Natural Accuracy Claims Analyses
Adversarial Logit Pairing (Kannan et al.) (code) ImageNet $$\ell_\infty (\epsilon = 16/255)$$


27.9% accuracy

Combatting and detecting FGSM and PGD adversarial noise (James Gannon) (code) MNIST $$\ell_\infty (\epsilon = 0.1)$$


78.2% accuracy

Adversarial Defense by Restricting the Hidden Space of Deep Neural Networks (Mustafa et al.) (code) CIFAR‑10 $$\ell_\infty (\epsilon = 8/255)$$

90.62% accuracy

32.32% accuracy